Comm 300: Fine Arts Print



Fine Art Prints: Top 5

ColleenDeputy- (1) ColleenDeputy- (4) ColleenDeputy- (2) ColleenDeputy-Driedflowers ColleenDeputy-Chair copy

These photos (more than 5, disregard my misleading title) are some of the best that I am the most proud of, I liked that these photos had a variety of subjects and lighting, whether it be natural or there was some help. Images like these really make me feel good about my work and help me to want to do better work in the future.

Tasteful Typography: Doors

ColleenDeputyDoorTypography (1)



ColleenDeputyDoorTypography (23)

Text: Perpetua Titling MT Light and Perpetua Bold Italic

I was trying to find something that inspired me, what caused me to choose doors to photography for this assignment. As I was searching the internet for quotes about doors and the symbolism, I realized that there were a lot of things in my life that have lead me to doors recently, and I am glad that I chose doors, because I was able to emotionally connect with the images and the quotes that I chose. I have striven to find a font that was not too distracting, or too mainstream, but something that fit the mood of the quotes that I chose. I simply chose where I thought they would look best and placed them simply where they would be showcased.

Comm 300: Composition


ColleenDeputy-Journal ColleenDeputy-driedflowersinbook ColleenDeputy-DearJournal



This week we were challenged to take an object, in my case; my journals, and take pictures from different angles. Although it was difficult to come up with so many angles, it forced me to think and to be more creative than I usually am. I usually don’t take this many photos of one object unless I am really fascinated by it. It was nice though, to bring in my love of journal writing into a photo shoot because it was fun experimenting with the angles and lighting.